DUP Confidence and Supply Agreement

In response to the campaign on the DUP confidence and supply agreement, David said:

"At this crucial time, the Prime Minister formed a Government in the national interest. With the most seats and most votes, only the Conservative Party has the ability and legitimacy to do that. The Conservative Party have had a strong relationship over many years with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), and have finalised a confidence and supply deal. I know there are a number concerns with this approach that I want to address directly.

We are committed to re-establishing inclusive, devolved government in Northern Ireland. The approach and objectives as set out in the Conservative Party Northern Ireland manifesto remain unchanged, and the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland continues to work to restore a Northern Ireland Executive as soon as possible.

Governing in the national interest means delivering a successful Brexit that works for the whole country. It means building on our economic record of more jobs, cutting the deficit and investing more in public services like the NHS. It means tackling the social issues we face in the country: issues like mental health, housing, and proper technical education for young people.

Matters of conscience like abortion, euthanasia and gay marriage are decided by free votes in parliament with no official Conservative Party position. MPs and Peers vote according to their own ethical and religious beliefs."

More information about the campaign can be found here.