Queen's Speech

In response to a campaign on the Queen's speech David said:

"The Queen’s Speech is about recognising and grasping the opportunities that lie ahead for the United Kingdom as we leave the EU. It is important to deliver the result of last year’s referendum and to make a success of Brexit. The British Parliament will therefore hold a two-year legislative session to ensure there is enough time for Members to fully consider the laws required to make Britain ready for Brexit.

This includes the Great Repeal Bill which, by converting existing EU law into UK statute, will enable the smoothest possible transition at the point of leaving.

The Prime Minister has been clear that we are leaving the European Union. In the recent general election, over 80 per cent of all votes cast were for parties that have accepted we have to respect the decision of the Referendum last June.

I am pleased that beyond Brexit there will be a number of measures to build a stronger economy so we can improve people’s living standards and fund the public services, such as our NHS and schools, on which we all depend.

The strong programme that Ministers have put together will tackle social inequality in this country and promote our economic prosperity. There will be a broad range of domestic initiatives including legislation on improving mental health, dealing with domestic violence and abuse, tackling extremism, supporting electric vehicles, commercial space flight, and strengthening the Union."

A full transcript of the Queen's speech can be found here.