David's comments on the recent disruption caused by a burst water main on the A41 

Today there were severe delays caused by a burst water main along the A41, affecting most of Aylesbury's main routes and causing queues back to the Aston Clinton junction.

David has contacted Thames Water and will update this page with their response.

David commented:

“Following complaints that I have received from local residents concerning the burst water main on the A41 I contacted Thames Water for an update and to find out what plans are in place for this not to happen again.

“This is not the first time that this has occurred so I have also spoken with Mark Shaw, Head of Transport for Bucks, about the wider implications that this has on the road networks.

“These kind of incidents in the centre of the town reinforce the necessity for the completion of a ring road around Aylesbury. So that residents have the option of alternative routes if these sort of events ever occur again.”