New housing statistics

David thought you would be interested to see this letter that he recently received from the New Home Building Council showing recent home building numbers in the constituency.

David said:

"There are tremendous pressures on housing in the constituency both in terms of providing affordable housing for those who need it as well as protecting the communities and countryside that make the area special.

 "We need a Local Plan, from both Aylesbury Vale District Council and Wycombe District Council, to provide for both housing and employment on a scale that is justified by the evidence. The absence of a Plan setting out how much development there should be and were it should go means that building proposals are decided piecemeal on the basis of which sites developers put forward.

"We do need more housing in Bucks. Not only is the population growing, but greater longevity and the high rate of divorce and separation mean that there are more households than there used to be for any given number of people. If we want businesses to locate to our area, we need a supply of housing that directors, managers and workers alike will find attractive and affordable. And if we want young people and workers on modest wages to be able to live in our area, we shall need to plan for more homes. I get young people in my constituency telling me that they are in full-time work, earning a decent wage, yet can't afford to get onto even the lowest rung of the housing ladder. We need to plan to ease that unfairness."