Speech at the Conservative Party Conference

David recently delivered a speech at the Conservative Party Conference in his role as the Secretary of State for Justice.

David said:

“My speech at the Conservative Party Conference gave me the opportunity to outline the new policy that the Ministry of Justice will be implementing.

This included launching a new initiative to stop drones being used to smuggle drugs and other items into prisons. This has become a serious issue, used by sophisticated criminal networks to gain access to prisons, placing more pressure on prison officers. Additional intelligence-led counter-drone operations will disrupt drones as they enter prison airspace and trace them back to the criminals involved.

Additionally, I announced the New Futures Network, a new national task force to help ex-offenders find work when they leave prison. Evidence has shown that ex-offenders who have got both the responsibility and opportunity that comes with employment is far less likely to reoffend. This task force will match individuals with employers and ensure that training in prisons matches demands in the local jobs market.”

You can watch the full speech below.