Flooding in Hughenden Valley

I continue to liaise with the Environment Agency regarding flooding and water management in Hughenden Valley and I have received the following update on the impact which the most recent River Basin Management Plan will have on Hughenden Valley.

‘We use a range of biological and chemical parameters to measure the health of rivers, and some of these have been revised for the updated River Basin Management Plans. This was done in line with the Water Framework Directive (WFD), which assigns an ecological status for each parameter: poor, moderate, good, or high. These ratings provide a clear and detailed picture of each waterbody’s status and highlight areas for improvement.

The overall WFD status of the Hughenden Stream in 2015 is moderate.

Invertebrates, phosphate, dissolved oxygen and pH are all at high status. However, the plants are only at moderate status. This may improve when Affinity Water reduces groundwater abstraction levels in the years leading up to 2020.

To be fully WFD compliant and assigned an overall ecological status of good, all parameters need to be at a minimum of good.

We rely on finding collaborative solutions to improve a waterbody’s WFD status. This often means working with water companies, local authorities, landowners and businesses. There is also a network of Catchment Partnerships that represent the interests of local stakeholders and help deliver improvements. More information on the Catchment Partnership for the Hughenden Stream can be found here: http://www.fwr.org/Catchment/

If you have any concerns or questions please get in touch with my office at 020 7219 3432 or at david.lidington.mp@parliament.uk