Aylesbury Vale Local Plan

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As you may know, the Aylesbury Vale Local Plan was submitted to Government on 28 February 2018 and will now be subject to an independent examination by Planning Inspector Paul Clark BA MA MRTPI.

The examination is likely to include a series of hearings on what the Inspector deems to be critical issues affecting the Plan. Respondents who have made representations proposing changes to the Plan in order to make it sound and legally-compliant may be invited to participate in a hearing. The selected respondents will be contacted by the Programme Officer once the hearing timetable has been finalised.

During the examination period, the submission and examination material will be available to be inspected by the public.

This means that the information submitted will be made available to the public. If you would like to inspect the documents click here.

The examination of the Plan will begin with initial checks to make sure it meets regulatory requirements. After this stage, the hearing timetable will be finalised and published and any participants requested by the Inspector will be contacted.

The assigned Programme Officer, Louise St John Howe, will also be contacting all those who responded to the Regulation 19 Consultation from November to December 2017 providing further detail on the examination process.

If you have any questions on the content of this email please call 01296 585308 or email localplanconsult@aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk.

Wendover Woods Woodland Hub

David thought that you would be interested to know that Wendover Woods was sucessful in securing a £450,000 grant from the HS2 Community & Environment Fund. This grant will benefit the Wendover Woods Recreational Development project by providing a multipurpose recreational centre for people visiting the area. 

"The new building will incorporate a café with 100 indoor covers and outdoor seating for 200 (open to all), an adaptable interpretation space and 23 toilets including fully accessible units. The site currently has a small café which opened in 2006 which caters for 30 indoor covers, a car park with 220 spaces and toilet provision including a temporary toilet unit. It offers car parking, café and toilet facilities for those wishing to access the woodland for walking, cycling and picnicking or more adventurous play such as the Go Ape high ropes experience. The existing café building will be used as an information point and the existing toilet block as a store and pay shelter for the car park once the new hub building is in place."

If you would like to read more about this funding click here. 



Latest Unemployment Statistics for Aylesbury


  • The total number of unemployed claimants in Aylesbury constituency in February 2018 was 765.
  • This represents a rate of 1.2% of the economically active population aged 16-64, the 557th highest of the 650 UK constituencies. (1st = highest claimant rate, 650th = lowest claimant rate.)
  • The equivalent UK claimant rate was 2.7%. The UK unemployment rate, which includes people not claiming benefits and is estimated from survey data, was 4.3% between November 2017 and January 2018.
  • The number of claimants in Aylesbury constituency is 45 higher than February 2017 and 25 higher than January 2018.
  • There were 125 claimants aged 18-24 in February 2018, 5 higher than February 2017.

#TalentTuesday Event

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David thought you would be interested to know that the next #TalentTuesday event will be on Tuesday 27 March from 5:30pm-8:00pm at Bucks New University, High Wycombe.

#TalentTuesday events bring together businesses from all sectors with young people looking for an opportunity to become an apprentice or trainee or simply looking to get some work experience. 

The format of the event includes an exhibition with employer and apprenticeship provider stands, talks on discovering the advantages of apprenticeships as well as advice and information from apprenticeship providers and Buckinghamshire Business First.

For businesses there will be one-to-one meetings with young people that are interested interested in filling vacancies for your business.

If you are a young person and wish to learn more about this event click here.

If you are an employer and wish to learn more about this event click here.   

David Visits Olleco Waste Management In Aston Clinton

David recently visited Olleco Waste Management company near Aston Clinton after a number of residents have been in touch regarding odour problems originating from the plant.

David said:

“I met Chief Executive Robert Behan to raise constituents’ complaints about the odour from the plant over the past several months. He accepted that Olleco did not act fast enough initially, although they have since taken steps to put this right and to engage more with the local community about their concerns. I will continue to liaise with community representatives to make sure that these improvements continue to be implemented.”

David also thought you would like to know that the Environment Agency recently released a briefing on the odour situation at Olleco which you can read below.

Aylesbury Crown Court Closure and Opening

David recently attended the closing of the old Aylesbury Crown Court and opened the Crown Court premises on Walton Street.

David said:

"I was very pleased to be able to attend the opening of the new Crown Court in Aylesbury. This magistrate has been in Aylesbury for close to 300 years and the new building on Walton Street increases the number of court rooms from two to three. 

"The Crown Court has been an important part of the community for a long time and I hope that they continue their educational work with local schoolsand community groups on the new premises."

David's statement on the Bucks Unitary Council decision

David said:

"Local government in Buckinghamshire faces its biggest shake-up for decades following the decision by Communities Secretary Sajid Javid to abolish the current County and District Councils in favour of a single, unitary council for the whole of Bucks.

"All the existing local authorities had agreed that the current two-tier division was unsustainable. The debate was not whether to keep the present system but whether to have one unitary council or two (one for Aylesbury Vale and the second covering the other three Districts).

"The argument for a single council was partly financial. The management and administrative costs of one council will be less than those of two, let alone the five we have now. 

"A unitary council will also be more clearly accountable for its policies and decisions. Under the present system, the District Council bills us for our Council Tax even though most of the revenue from that tax goes to the County. The District takes decisions about housing and planning but it's the County Council that has to plan for roads, schools and social services. Our rubbish is collected by the District but it’s the County that has to dispose of it and which runs the local recycling centres.

"Getting rid of that confusion will be a good thing. With a unitary authority we will all know exactly which council to praise or blame for our local services.

"The strongest argument made by the champions of two unitary authorities was that the extra cost of their preferred option was outweighed by the greater sense of local identity and accountability that having two councils would bring. The new single unitary council will need to make it a priority to ensure that every parish and neighbourhood has a voice. 

"Another key objective must be to improve further the links between local social services and the NHS in Bucks.

"The Government’s decision will please some and disappoint others, but I hope that all our local councils and other organisations will now get on with making the transition as smooth as possible and ensuring that the new system works well."

You can read the written ministerial statement here.

Cold Weather Payments

David thought you would be interested to know that Cold Weather Payments have been triggered for some postcodes in Aylesbury. 

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"£25 will be paid to eligible residents within Aylesbury constituency living in the Postcode district(s) listed above.

"Cold Weather Payments are made to recipients of selected benefits. To “trigger” the payments the average temperature at a specified weather station must be recorded as, or forecast to be, 0°C or below for seven consecutive days"

If you are eligible for Cold Weather Payment click here for more information.