David's reasons for voting with the Government

You can see below a letter from David to the Chair of the Aylesbury Conservative Association outlining his reasons for voting with the Government in the recent Brexit vote.

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A letter to the Foreign Secretary regarding Kashmir

David has written to the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to express his concern about the current situation in Kashmir following the revoking of Article 370 removing Kashmir’s special status. The letter asks the Foreign Secretary to outline the diplomatic efforts being undertaken by the UK Government to defuse this situation.

David said: I have written to the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab about the recent developments in Kashmir to express my deep concern. As a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, the UK has a responsibility to strive to prevent such a conflict. As such I have asked the Foreign Secretary to outline what action the Government is taking to assist in de-escalate this situation.

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A letter to Transport Secretary about the HS2 Oakervee Review

David has written to the Transport Secretary Grant Shapps to find out the terms of reference for the Oakervee Review into HS2. David has put a number of specific questions to the Transport Secretary about the scope and power of the review.

David said: I have written to the new Transport Secretary Grant Shapps regarding the Oakervee Review. As I have said, the Review must be given the correct terms of reference to allow a full, in-depth look at the business case for HS2. I have also asked whether the terms of reference will give Mr Oakervee the power to recommend that scheme is scrapped

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Aylesbury Employment Data

The total number of unemployed claimants in Aylesbury constituency in June 2019 was 1,090.

This represents a rate of 1.7% of the economically active population aged 16-64.

The equivalent UK claimant rate was 3.6%. The UK unemployment rate, which includes people not claiming benefits and is estimated from survey data, was 3.8% in March to May 2019.

The number of claimants in Aylesbury constituency is 315 higher than June 2018 and 60 higher than May 2019.

There were 175 claimants aged 18-24 in June 2019, 40 higher than June 2018.

Figures are not seasonally adjusted and are rounded to the nearest five. 'Unemployed claimants' include people claiming Jobseeker's Allowance or who are claiming Universal Credit and are required to seek work.


How do figures change when we adjust for Universal Credit roll out?

Universal Credit requires a broader group of claimants to look for work than was the case under Jobseeker’s Allowance. This has the effect of increasing the number of unemployed claimants after Universal Credit is rolled out in an area.

To adjust for this, new statistics are now published. In addition to counting people currently claiming unemployment benefits, they include people who would have been required to look for work had Universal Credit always been in place. These figures have been updated this month.

Using this alternative count, there would have been 1,400 unemployed claimants in Aylesbury in May 2019.*

On this basis, the number of claimants would have been 20 lower than April 2019, and 40 higher than May 2018.


David is the latest guest on Political Thinking with Nick Robinson

David was the most recent guest on Political Thinking with Nick Robinson, a 45 minute podcast looking at politics at deeper level. David and Nick discussed his government role and the job of balancing competing priorities in politics. Nick Robinson was former Political Editor at the BBC and now BBC Radio 4 Today Programme presenter.

The full podcast can be found here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p07d4ssk?fbclid=IwAR01qx2TKKBH8EPgADIaR0hHaaD_uCvjUS82FuicmccumKwqXWd0JPGEIUc

Following the interview, David said:

“It was an absolute pleasure talking to Nick Robinson for the latest Political Thinking podcast! It was a refreshing change to be able to discuss politics and other subjects for 45 minutes with an informed journalist rather than the standard four or eight minute interview.”

A letter from the Education Secretary about school funding

David thought that you would be interested to see a letter from the Education Secretary outlining school results and resourcing.